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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My first post on the new blog

Hey Everyone,
Some of you may know me from my cupcake blog. I am Kitschy Girl and this is my new health and beauty blog. I have been transitioning slowly in to hippydom for about 4 years now. From eating frozen pizza every night for a year to cooking all my meals almost entirely from scratch and almost eliminating all pre-made and or processed food from my diet. From being a Rusk using, hair dying, blow drying, flat ironing machine to becoming a poo free hair fanatic who rarely uses any heat on her hair at all. From a convenience-aholic plastic using down town money waster, to a frugal organic shopping glass bottle saving queen. I still have a long way to go, but I wanted to share my journey and finds with like minded people further down the path, and those who are starring down at it and wondering if it's as terrifying as it looks to be. I will review products, give recipes for my homemade beauty products, share stories, and every little thing I find on Pinterest that I get excited about. So be prepared for TMI and a good laugh on ocassion. Welcome to "The Kitschy Sink"

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